Songwriting & School
A High School Rockstar
Season 1
Episode No. 1
Directed By Aaron Moon
Written By Aaron Moon
Original Air Date March 24, 2012
Guest Actors
Noah Centineo as Dallas
Don Creech as Mr. Stein
Episode Chronology
Dates & Dares

Songwriting & School is the premiere episode of A High School Rockstar. It premiered on Fanfic Channel on March 24, 2012.

Plot Edit

Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez goes to High School. Austin, an aspiring singer-rockstar, is having trouble focusing on his career. He has feelings for Ally that he can't explain. Ally, on the other hand, feels the same way but neither of them knows what the other feels. When Trish books Austin a gig at the mall, Austin decides it was the right time to confess his love for Ally.

Synopsis Edit

Austin, Ally, Trish, & Dez attends their first day of High school at Miami Senior High School. After school, Trish books Austin a gig at the mall food court. Dez notices that Austin has trouble focusing. He confronts him and finds out that Austin has a big crush on Ally. Meanwhile, Trish confronts Ally noticing that she has been acting weird around Austin. Ally finally admits her love for Austin. Before Austin's performance, Austin decides it was time. He confesses his love for Ally and Ally did the same. Dez accidentally turns on Austin's microphone and the whole mall heard Austin & Ally's conversation. Before the episode concludes, Austin asks Ally out in private and, not surprisingly, Ally said a big yes.

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