Presidential Office
Kyle & Jane
K&J S1EP02
Season 1
Episode No. 2
Directed By Aaron Moon
Written By Aaron Moon
Original Air Date January 23, 2015
Guest Actors
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Episode Chronology
"Election Day"

Presidential Office is the second episode in Season 1 of Kyle & Jane. It aired on January 23, 2015.

Plot Edit

Principal Miers gives Kyle & Jane a classroom to transform as their presidential office, but things start to get out of hand when they both have different office set-up in mind.

Summary Edit

Principal Miers invite Kyle, Jane, Caleb and Wendy into her office to discuss the first day since they were appointed co-president. Principal Miers give them a vacant classroom to use as their office.

Kyle & Jane then appoints Wendy, Emma, Lola and Eliza to decorate the room, with Curt and Caleb helping. JC and Axel are then tasked to recruit more to help out with the workload.

Kyle tells them to decorate it as cool and rock, while Jane wants it to be peaceful and inviting. This causes them to argue, causing a mess in the classroom. Principal Miers comes into the class and sees the mess. She warns Kyle & Jane that they will be kicked out of their position once they repeat another fight.

Kyle & Jane then agrees to half the room for both of them and designs them accordingly. Meanwhile, JC manages to recruit Annie Sanchez and Josiah Weiss to do publicity, while Axel recruits Sophie Clarkson and Michael Sherwood.

Kyle & Jane announces that they have completed their team and that they are ready to handle the school's problems as a team.