The following is a list of episodes of Fanfic Channel series, Avatar. Created by Aaron Moon, the series follows the lives of Avatar Terno and his team, trapped in an unfamiliar world. The series stars Anjo Damiles as Terno, Bella Thorne as Clarisse Corelle, Peter Adrian Sudarso as Fendo, Freya Mavor as Mala, James Gaisford as Jahn and Cody Christian as Kris Leroy.

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season Premiere Season Finale
1 24 January 23, 2015 2015

Season 1: January 2015 - PresentEdit

  • This season consists of 24 episodes.
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Title Directed by Written by Original air date US Viewers (millions)
1 1 "A New Age" Aaron Moon Aaron Moon January 23, 2015 9.21

A new portal opens in the heart of National City after Avatar Terno handles an attack at city hall. Now, a new challenge befalls team Avatar as they realize that the new portal is a door to a different world, and that they are trapped in it.

Notes: This episode is the series premiere episode.

2 2 "The Government" Aaron Moon Aaron Moon & Wesley Henning January 30, 2015 9.36

After their display of bending in Times Square, NYPD arrests Team Avatar but when another attack from the earth benders occur, Team Avatar helps the NYPD apprehend them in exchange for their freedom.

3 3 "Meet the President" Grant Xavier Aaron Moon February 6, 2015 9.38

After seeing Rhu on television, Team Avatar travels to Washington to look for him. The President of the United States then calls Team Avatar into the White House after fire benders take hostages in the Capitol Building. 

4 4 "London has Fallen" Hugh Cohen Eduardo Murray & Ethel Wong February 13, 2015 9.39

The leader of the earth bender rebels reveals himself to the public after leaving a city in ruins. Avatar Terno have to face his fear after he gets trapped in the spirit world to ask for guidance. 

5 5 "The Avatar State" Clyde Maxwell Wesley Henning February 20, 2015 9.56

After his first encounter with Sensi, Terno loses the ability to go to the Avatar State. An old friend appears in New York to help Terno and Team Avatar. 

6 6 "Ambush" Grant Xavier Aaron Moon & Ethel Wong February 27, 2015 9.50

The NYPD finds a lead on an earth bender rebel hideout, but when Clarisse finds out that it is a trap, she asks Team Avatar for help as her sister is leading the arrest.

7 7 "New Recruits" Daisy Holloway Aaron Moon & Eduardo Murray March 6, 2015 9.48

Terno travels to China to learn about modern bending, leaving Fendo, Jahn and Mala to protect the people from earth benders. Rhu gathers around some benders trapped in the modern world that could help them defeat Sensi.

8 8 "A Gift" Mike Hansen Wesley Henning & Jessica Martins March 13, 2015 9.42

Terno discovers an ability that he could use to defeat Sensi, and enlists the help of monks to help him channel his energy to be able to acquire the ability. Meanwhile, Sensi’s army continues to grow when more portals open and more benders appears in the modern world.

9 9 "Air Nation Princess" Grant Xavier Ethel Wong & Wesley Henning March 20, 2015 9.45

While en route back to the United States, Terno encounters the Air Nation Princess, Zendina. Zendina promises to train Terno in his air bending to help defeat Sensi, as long as he helps her find her brother who was also sucked into the portal.

10 10 "Lava Bending" Hugh Cohen Gregory Swanson March 27, 2015 9.38

Terno and Zendina are captured by the rebels and they find themselves locked up with other benders, including Zendina’s brother. The prisoners have to work together to escape and save Terno and Zendina before they are thrown into the volcano.

11 11 "The Return" Clyde Maxwell Jessica Martins & Ernest Barton April 3, 2015 9.39

Terno returns bringing new allies as they prepare to fight Sensi. On his return, Clarisse and Kris have been abducted by one of Sensi’s men, and it is up to Terno, Fendo, Jahn and Mala to rescue them.

12 12 "A Huge Sacrifice" Mike Hansen Aaron Moon April 10, 2015 9.57

Terno does everything in his power to protect those close to him, as well as the people of the world, even if it means having to make a huge sacrifice at the hands of Sensi.